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MIDCO has the ability to assemble and execute the items below through many production lines.

Aluminum Assembly
Assembly of aluminum profile of different kinds and systems for manufacturing:
  • Aluminum doors and windows
  • Partitions

By using various systems like G.R.9 System, G.R.12, G.R.16 and technical systems.


Aluminum Doors & Windows

Manufacturing of aluminum furniture

Curtain Walls
Installation of curtain walls for different kinds of buildings using technical system with double-glazing.

MIDCO Aluminum Factory

•  These are some of the products manufactured and carried out in "MIDCO aluminum factory".

Grills & Diffusers
Manufacturing and supplying different types of "air grills" and "diffusers".

MIDCO "grills" products cover a wide range of quality air movement products dedicated to produce the best service for the market.

MIDCO "grills" products are convenient for apartments, offices, small and large industries, hospitals, hotels, and small and large stores.

MIDCO "grills" include grills with single and double blades, fixed or movable, square and rectangular diffusers; different types of dampers; "liner grills" and "slot diffusers".

•  These are some of the products manufactured and carried out in "MIDCO grills factory".


Grills & Diffusers

Aluminum Glazing
Supplying double glazing of different glass thickness, and spacers and sizes up to [200x325 cm], by using a new production line.

Aluminum Glazing
Rolling Shutters
Implement and supply of aluminum rolling shutters.
Rolling Shutters

Separated or readymade, MIDCO is the leader in IRAQ in this type of production.

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