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MIDDLE EAST for Aluminum and Furniture Manufacturing Company started its activities in 1980, established according to the Industrial Investment Law of 1979. In the beginning, MIDCO activities were limited only to manufacturing doors, windows, and kitchen furniture. Despite of all the difficult circumstances in Iraq, MIDCO was able to increase its production through its manufacturing lines, which are:

  • Powder Coating Electro Static Line, its energy is 600 ton for one work shift in a year. This line is considered the newest and the first line of its kind in Iraq and it works with an electronic digital system.
  • Aluminum doors and windows and curtain walls manufacturing line, according to standard specifications.
  • A complete line for ceiling and wall air circulating, "air grills", the separated and the ribbon ones with all its different aluminum accessories, and according to the universal standard specifications.
  • Manufacturing of specific kinds of ceiling and wall lighting structures line.
  • Office and kitchen furniture, and other necessary readymade appliances production line, manufactured of aluminum.
  • A developed line for double glass manufacturing in different thickness and spaces from 4 ml to 16 ml and sizes from 200 cm to 300 cm for every piece, this line is considered the newest and the first of its kind in Iraq.
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